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Periodic function calling versus Tasks

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Hi all,

Currently I am trying to decide between the usage of RTOS tasks and periodic function calling using the clock events.
The system I am designing has to listen to both UARTs and monitor some GPIO pins etc. It will monitor status and send that info to a remote location.

However, I am not sure what the exact differences are between creating multiple tasks or simply using the clock to periodically call functions to provide the functionality. From what I gather: periodic function calling will not be pre-emptive, which could perhaps lead to problems when data is coming in on for example one of the UARTs?

I would really appreciate some insight! Thanks in advance.

  • Which device is this?

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    Thank you for your response. It is a custom board featuring the CC1352R.

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    Well, if the periodic function runs in a task, it will be pre-emptive. I suggest you target task based periodic clock.

    Regards, Joakim

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