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LMX2595EVM: Loop filter

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Part Number: LMX2595EVM

Just a thought .... I worked with many PLL eval board from different mfg. and I found it very cumbersome to remove small smd components from the main board to populate a new PLL filter loop.  How about a modular loop filter system. ...instead of removing component from the main board how about using some sort of micro socket and external mini board ...the  user would just plug its own custom PLL loop filter circuit board into the main board  ????  I think it can be better to work on a separate board than risking to damage the sensitive product from many soldering and desoldering steps.  (sorry I'm french so my english is not perfect) .  

  • Hello Dominic,

    This ticket has been assigned. Noel will get back to you soon.


  • In reply to Hao Z:

    Hi Dominic,

    First of all, thank you for your feedback.

    Not until I am in the product development team, I don't know there are quite a lot of rules or processes that I have to follow in order to have the EVM released to the public. In short, a single board is the "well-balanced" way to build the EVM. 

    Anyway, moving forward, we will see how we can do to make it more user friendly. Once again, thank you for your feedback.