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CDCLVP1102: Data sheet interpretation:

Part Number: CDCLVP1102

I'm using 3.3v VCC. Section 6.8 of the cdclvp1102 data sheet list the Voh max as Vcc -.9 = 2.4V.

The Vol min is Vcc-1.7 = 1.6v. I would think the max Vout Diff p-p would be 2.4-1.6 = 0.8V.

The data sheet list the Max Vout Diff p-p is 1.35 V. What am I interpreting wrong?

Is the Vout Diff p-p in the data sheet, a single ended interpretation of the difference between the Voh and the Vol?

I'm using the cdclvp1102  connected per figure 13 ac coupled to the GTP transceiver of a Xilinx Artix -7 device.

It requires a Vidiff 350mv Min, and a 2V Max.

Thank you, Tony