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TPL5111: Way to extend the pulse width on DRVn

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Part Number: TPL5111

Hi Team,

I am posting this inquiry on behalf of our customer:

The customer need the power on feature of the TPL5111 to initiate the pulse or logic high. Then use that to enable a DC switch and power up another circuit. Then the customer would like the circuit to continue to 'extend' the duration of the Logic High - for as long as a user needs the circuit energized. When done - then wanted to shut the TPL5111 down by not extending the pulse.

Is there any way on extending the pulse width on DRVn?

Note; The customer already tried using the Delay/M_DRV by applying VCC  - but it does not seem to extend the pulse width.

Let me know if the customer application above is possible and how can this be achieved without using other ICs



  • Hi Jonathan,

    The initial condition and pulse width of the TPL5111 cannot be changed.

    Typically a timing diagram of what you are trying to do is helpful, but we might not be able to come up with a solution here anyways.

    Best Regards,

    Rob Rodrigues

    CTS (Clock & Timing Solutions) Systems Engineer