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LMX2615-SP: LMX2615-SP Process flow

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Part Number: LMX2615-SP

Dear TI, 

i think LMX2615-SP is not qualified from MIL or DLA yet.

Is it in processing for SMD number(Qualification)?

I also want to know there is additional option for screening. 

i want QML Class Q option with burn-in, electrical test, LAT, etc for each lot. 

It seems there is no option for screening on LMX2615-SP. 

is it already screened for each lot? (im not talking about qualification)

please check beyond things, 

Thanks in advance 

  • Hello,

    The LMX2615-SP (LMX2615WRQMLV) has  completed the required DLA reviews and we have received the SMD approval and certification.

     SMD 5962-17236


    Liam Keese

    Clock and Timing Systems & Applications

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  • In reply to Liam Keese:

    Dear Sooyeon Lee

    The LMX2615 is a QMLV-RHA class device. The corresponding QCI data for the wafer qualification can be shared with your organization once you purchase the device. The device is in full compliance with the MIL-PRF-38535L class V spec. (groups A, B, C, D, and E test and associated subgroups). The associated SMD number is 5962R1723601VXC, Cage 01295 release on July 16, 2019.

    As for QMLQ devices, we have the LMKX2615W-MPR that can help you to validate your current space application. This device version does not have RLAT or burnin stress test certification.

    Per your inquiring, it appears that you are interested in the full space version that has the corresponding reliability and radiation testing. I encourage you to look closely to the great performance and unique specs that the LMX2615 can provide to your application on clocking and synchronizing high performance ADC/DAC needs. You can also use it in systems that require LO/RF application with low input noise reference signals for up/down converters or other associated communication needs.

    Our application team can help you further on any system development needs that may require the use of our large space portfolio devices.