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LMK03318: LMK03318 Code Issue

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Part Number: LMK03318

Hi E2E,

we had LMK03318 code which TI FAE provided to us before.
But he sick leave 2 week, we need to your support!

After we load the code and write it, no clock of each channel.
load code step as below,

Step 1 : choose .epr file
Step 2: write to SRAM
Step 3: Program EEPROM to SRAM

Did we have wrong step or have something wrong about code?


  • Hi Julian,

    I'll check this and get back to you tomorrow.


  • In reply to Hao Z:

    Hi Julian,

    I'm not sure which page of EEPROM you are powering up with, so I'll take page 0 as an example. After reading back the EEPROM settings, I found that PLL is powered down and no output is available. So I don't expect any output using page0. Here's a screenshot of page 0 settings:

    Your sequence of EEPROM writing is correct. Just make sure that you scan the I2C bus before writing it. Use GPIO3 and 2 to set EEPROM page. For details, please refer to datasheet or user's guide. To select page0, set both GPIO3 and 2 to low before powering up the device. To read back EEPROM content, click "read all registers" in the toolbar after scanning I2C address.

    Let me know if you have more questions.