LMV112: Output seems to disappear 10Mhz or Above

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Part Number: LMV112

I am Using the Part in a Circuit, it will be feed from an Oscillator eventually, but at the moment a digital Arb/Signal Generator.

I have soldered 3 up on my boards, and the output feeds a TTL Counter, and a RAM - FIFO Clock.

I am supplying the device with 5v DC,

and the input signal to both is decoupled through the 1nF Cap, and I have modified the Amplitude of square input between 0.5v to 5V P-P.

and constantly monitored output on my Scope.

But as soon as the I/P square frequency goes above about 10Mhz, the output vanishes.

Both Enables are high.


Paul Applegarth

CEng,MEng,Bsc, MIET

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  • Hi Paul,

    LMV112 can support 10MHz outputs. Unfortunately I'm not certain why this would be happening yet but I will try to help here.

    Do you observe an output above 10MHz with another device? Could you share some oscilloscope captures showing input and output?

    Also, what is the oscilloscope settings (channel impedance/coupling)? Are you measuring using an oscilloscope probe? If so, what probe?

    I can also support schematic and layout review. If you would prefer not to post your schematic or layout to the public forum, you could share them to me directly in a private message.

    Kind regards,


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