CDCM6208: Unused outputs power off Supply

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Part Number: CDCM6208

I want to use the CDCM6208V1H in pin mode 17 but it produces too much power loss and heat for my product.

I need only Outputs Y5, Y6, Y7 and primary Input and I have single supply 3V3.

Can I simply not supply the unused outputs Y0, Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4 and not needed secondary Input (set to GND by 1k Resistor) ?

I have no chance to reprogram the component as there is no connection to any processor, so it must stay in the pin strap mode 17 with all outputs enabled, but unpowered supplies.

It is not clearly written in the datasheet if the component can work with all blocks enabled according to pin mode and just not power the blocks which are not needed, 

or if it is a must to disable them (which I can not do because of missing processor).

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  • I agree, if you do not need output Y[0:4], do not supply the VDD_Y[0:4] pins. You can leave the unused secondary input pins floating.

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