LMK04616: Ref to Out phase variation, alternative device?

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We have found a major source of phase variation in our system, which is that the "REF-to-out" phase of the PLL that we use to lock to the 250 MHz distributed from the LMK04616 to produce the 6 GHz sampling clock for our RF DAC is not specified, and in fact has a severe (>5 ps/deg C) temperature dependence.

Can you recommend any PLLs that have good REF-to-out phase stability, especially over temperature?


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    Hi Nick,

    First, are you using the LMK04616 in zero-delay mode? Zero-delay mode routes the output divider back as the feedback, allowing for a much smaller variation in delay between reference and output.

    If zero-delay mode on the LMK04616 is still insufficient to get the desired performance, I recommend using the LMK04832 in zero-delay mode instead.


    Derek Payne

    Texas Instruments