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CDCI6214: Calibration/Tuning

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Part Number: CDCI6214

Does the CDCI6214 clock generator require tuning or calibration for each device? 

What I mean is, are there device-to-device variations which require each device to be programmed with unique timing or calibration data? If I program 500 of these devices with the same configuration, will the output clock be identical over all these devices? (Assuming that the input source is a sufficiently high-quality reference.) 

  • Hello Bryan,

    You can use the same configuration for all parts with no problem, because you are not skipping VCO calibration. The PLL will make sure that the output always lock at the same frequency. In some devices such as LMX2594, when you use full assist mode, you'll need to provide VCO core, cap code as well as VCO amplitude, and that can vary from part to part.That's not the case for CDCI6214.



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    Excellent, thank you.