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LMH1983: Soft reset usage

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Part Number: LMH1983


Currently, my customer uses only the soft_reset register instead of the dedicated INIT pin to reset the device. soft_reset is applied when the signal to be synchronized changes in addition to when the power is turned on. In order to shorten the operating time, we are considering not performing soft_reset when the signal changes.

Is this OK? At that time, the need for soft_reset when the input signal changes was not clear, so he is doing this just in case.



  • Hi Itoh,

    Writing soft_reset resets all of the registers to the default values. Per default settings, Auto Format Detect is enabled. If the input signal changes format, Auto Format Detect should still detect the input format.

    Does the customer intends to use soft_reset because they want to detect the changing input format? If so, soft_reset is not required if the device was not reprogrammed between power on and the input signal change.

    Kind regards,


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