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LMK04828: Single ended DC coupled output

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Part Number: LMK04828


I would like to use the SYNC/SYSREF feature of the LMK04828 to generate trigger pulses from the SDCLK* outputs and use each output to drive a single-ended 50ohm coaxial cable off-board. I cannot find any reference material on TI recommending how to to do this but I did find the following from an alternative supplier - 

Baring in mind that I do not have access to a simulation tool that supports IBIS, can I use this approach? 

  • Hi Peter,

    Is the following something you are looking for? This is doable with LMK04828.

  • In reply to Noel Fung:

    In my application, I am only using the SYNC & CLKin1 inputs, with the idea being to generate pulses out of the SDCLKout pins that are perfectly aligned to CLKin1. The output, therefore, isn't periodic and the mark-space-ratio may vary. In order to minimise cabling only the positive terminal of the LVPECL outputs will be routed off-board. The output is not DC balanced so I don't think AC coupling is appropriate. 

  • In reply to Peter Oakley1:

    Hi Peter,

    The circuit in Figure 57 needs modification, the negative output pin was not terminated.