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LMX2572: Noise-Shaping feature

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Part Number: LMX2572

Hi Team,

LMX2572 has the multi-stage noise-shaping (MASH) sigma-delta modulator.
Dose the LMX2572 have any other noise-shaping feature except the MASH?
It means if the LMX2572 can achieve the noise-shaping by not using the MASH.
Thank you.

Best Regards,

Koshi Ninomiya

  • Hi Ninomiya-san,

    Every fractional-N PLL uses sigma-delta type PLL because it has a noise-shaping engine to reduce noise generated by the N-divider. MASH is just another name of sigma-delta modulator PLL. So, we did not add any additional noise-shaping feature in LMX2572.