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LMX2615-SP: RF Output Treatment

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Part Number: LMX2615-SP

To whom it may concern, 

I have two kinds of circuits to ask.

1) First one is  single-ended output circuit and operating frequency is 2GHz.

The left side is the termination circuit for unused port from datasheet and the right picture is a RF output part of an application.

Is the right that unused port connect RL and then capacitor to ground?

I think that unused port(RFoutAM) is connected C and RL to ground like a RFoutAP. 

When I connect C to ground, I got a very low output power.

This picture is my circuit.

I want to get a maximum output power. Please check my circuit.

But I got a typical result, 6 dBm. Please check the RFoutAP port circuit. 

I want to know some error.

2) It is differential output circuit and an operating frequency is 2.4 GHz.

Please check the circuit of the unused port(RFoutB).

It doesn't need to get a higher output. 

  • Hi Eunsuk,

    Figure 74 is correct, the position of RL and C should not matter. The C is simply a DC-block. 

    I think 6dBm at 2GHz is normal. If you need higher output power, you need to use inductor pull-up.

    If RFoutB is not used, you can leave the pins floating, set OUTB_PD=1.

  • In reply to Noel Fung:

    Thank you for your reply.