LMK04610: I want the OSCIN input of the LMK04610 chip to configure all the register files and detailed configuration steps

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Part Number: LMK04610

Dear TI

I am using TICS Pro software to configure the clock of LMK04610.
I use OSCIN as the input 10M and output 10M, but I will not configure the TICS Pro software.
so,I hope you send me the configuration file, 
At the same time, please tell me the detailed steps of configuration

thank you 

thank you very much



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  • Hello Penjey,

    Below are some general use instructions on LMK04610/LMK04616 that make it easier to test configurations:

    1. Power up the EVM and connect the USB2ANY.
    2. Load TICS Pro with the default configuration, to ensure a known good state. (Top menu bar, "Default Configuration")
    3. Make adjustments to the configuration as needed. This process usually involves:
      1. Configuring the device mode on the "Operating Modes" page
      2. Configuring the input source on the PLL1 page
      3. Configuring the PLL settings for PLL1 and PLL2 as needed
      4. Configuring the output settings on the Outputs page
    4. Perform a hardware reset by toggling the RESETN line low.
    5. After resetting, write all registers either by pressing CTRL + L or by using the “Write All Registers” button in the toolbar or the “Raw Registers” page.
    6. From the "Generic" page, in the "Device Operation" menu, press the "Device Start" button.

    I am not clear on the specifics of your hardware configuration. Which outputs should be assigned to 10 MHz? Should PLL2 be used, or should the device be configured in distribution mode?


    Derek Payne

    Texas Instruments

  • In reply to Derek Payne:

    Dear Derek Payne

    Thank you very much for your reply

    I do n’t have LMK04610 EVM or usbany. I designed a board with LMK04610 chip.

    I want to generate a set of register values through TICS Pro software and download them to the chip through STM32.

    LMK04610 OSCin pin is connected to a 10M high-precision temperature-compensated crystal oscillator

    I want to reduce the noise from clkin1, input a 10M, single end clock, use dual loop mode

    Output from any of 10 channels to provide a clean 10M clock reference for my other boards

    In this case, can you still follow the steps you said, and then download all the registers everywhere to my board's LMK04610 chip to achieve the required functions.

    best Regards for you!


  • In reply to Derek Payne:

    Dear Derek Payne

    I have another question

    I am not quite sure about the status of the board and the status of the configuration program

    I want to verify the correctness of my hardware and software by configuring a known pin output of LMK04610

    For example: I want to output a high level or the REF clock of the PLL through the STATUS0 pin. I only need to configure 0x009282, 0x009511 (0x00950D), right?

    After I used the default configuration, I modified these two registers, but the STATUS0 pin does not change at all, and always outputs a low level.

    Looking forward to your reply!

    best Regards!