Nanotimer with 12 hours duty cycle for power saving

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I'm still pretty new to electronics so please bear with me.

I need to make an ultra low-power circuit that should provide power to the next stage for ~12 hours and remove power for the rest 12 hours (to save battery). I found TL5xxx nano timers (TPL5111 for example) which are user for power saving. But their maximum timing interval is just 2 hours. So my understanding is the max duty cycle is 2 hours which is not enough).

Since I've never done such a thing please give me an idea on what to use for such a circuit.

Also, I need to set a starting point - at what moment the duty cycles start daily. It could be just pressing a button or pre-programming time or ...anything.

Thank you.

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  • I found SN74HC4060 binary counter and its Icc = 80uA @ 6V. I will need the circuit to work from 3.7V. So I suppose supply current will still be way higher than when using nano timers.

    Another option is to use SN74LV163A binary counter and SN74AUP1G08 AND gate (to count 6 times x 2 hours). This combination supposedly would have Icc about 11uA.

    Well, that's what I understand reading datasheets...

    Also, can I use nano timer as clock for SN74HC4060 binary counter? In this case it would count 2 hours cycles... Is this how it works?