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LMK04208EVM: Default Configuration

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Part Number: LMK04208EVM


My customer started to evaluate the LMK04208 and operate following "Quick Start Description" of EVM User's Guide.

Now, it outputs about sine wave at 110MHz, I think that it is default condition as below.

I think that clkout4 should output LVDS signal at 245.76MHz as below, is it correct?

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  • Hello Kuramochi-san,

    Based on your image of the settings, I think they have correctly configured TICS Pro for CLKout4 to generate 245.76MHz LVDS. It looks like the device is still in the default state after POR, so perhaps it is not being programmed. Can your customer confirm that the USB2ANY programmer is connected (Green bar at the bottom of TICS Pro indicates "Connection Mode: USB2ANY"), and that they are communicating with the EVM? A quick communication test is to set the Powerdown bit in the User Controls page, and check the current consumption. When Powerdown is set, current consumption should immediately decrease to ~1mA (plus any external current consumption, like for the onboard VCXO).


    Derek Payne

    Texas Instruments