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LMK03318: Question about clock generator in the datasheet

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Part Number: LMK03318


I’m looking for LMK03318, and I have a few questions as following:

1. Does this chip have a default code inside? Because I see the datasheet as shown below. Could you help me to check this?

2. And I notice that configuring GIPO[0:5]=27, then output frequency as below, is that true?







3. As mentioned above, could I just only use the SECREF_P/N to be the reference clock and get the same output frequency? Because I see the datasheet that PRIREF is enabled, as shown below. I’m not sure if I null the PRIREF_P/N pin, is that ok?



Thank you.

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From April

  • Hi April,

    I can't see your pictures, but yes there are 64 pages of factory default (ROM). And yes your listed output frequencies are correct if you mean GPIO[5:0] = 27. 

    Yes you can use SECREF only, as long as you are using XTAL, not an XO, because SECREF is configured as XTAL input. Since PLL input is set as REFSEL, you'll need to configure the REFSEL pin to select SECREF (table 3 of datasheet).