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LMK04808: Problem with IBIS Model

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Part Number: LMK04808

Hi Team,

My customer is trying to verify jitter performance across the signal channel between LMK04808 and LMK00301.

But, it looks the IBIS library for LMK04808, which was downloaded from our website, is not healthy.

When they import the file, they are getting many errors that there the capacitance matrix has off diagonal elements that are positive.

Do you have any suggestions on how to resolve this? I have attached a txt file containing a log of the errors that are seen.



  • Hi Mitchell,

    Thank you for your question. Please allow me some time to get in touch with an expert on this matter. I should have an update for you by Friday.



  • In reply to Adam Siismets:

    Hello Mitchell,

    The errors in the log all refer to elements due to the modeling information for the package of the part. The off diagonal values are mathematical errors from when the sparse matrix was extracted. The numerical values are too small to represent anything of value so our recommendation to the customer is to simply delete the sections of the model that reference this matrix. 

    Unless they're absolutely required, your simulation results should still be effective without the mutual inductance, resistance, and capacitance values between the pins since they're on the order of 1e-16 or smaller.

    I have attached a version of the IBIS model without the package model for the customer to try.



    Note: The model on ti.com did not fail in older versions of the IBIS checker. The attached IBIS model was checked using ibischk6 Version 6.1.5 and yielded no errors