CDCI6214: EEPROM programing procedure

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Part Number: CDCI6214


We would like to ask a question about CDCI6214.
We sometimes have issue not to be able to write EEPROM page value correctly.
Can you please check our programing procedure?

CDCI6214 Pin setting

Access flow is:

1.Power up CDCI6214
2.Apply RESETN=Low
4.Apply RESETN=High
5.USE I2C interface to configure the device using address 0x76
6.Prepare an EEPROM image consisting of 64 words
7.Unlock the EEPROM for write access with ee_lock 0x05
8.Write the initial address offset to the address bit_field. Write a 0x00 to nvm_wr_addr.
9.Loop through the EEPROM image from address 0 to 63 by writing each word from the image to nvm_wr_data.
10. power-down/up CDCI6214

Best regards,

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  • Hello,

    The EEPROM programming procedures look correct. What problem are you faced with?


  • In reply to Hao Z:

    Hello Hao,

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    We understood that our programing procedure is correct.


    As I told you earlier, we sometimes have issue not to be able to write register correctly.

    We prepare a data and write it to CDCI6214.

    However, CDCI6214 sometimes does not work correctly.

    It seems that all register value are not set correctly.


    According to the datasheet, it seems that the time of EEPROM word write access is typically 8ms.

    We write a data into nvm_wr_data every 10 ms. Is 10ms enough time?


    We have no idea why this issue sometimes happen.

    We would appreciate it if you give us some advice.


    Best regards,

    --May 27, 2020--

    Please let me know if you need more information concerning this matter.

  • In reply to user5378759:


    Can you please be more specific on what you see and what you tested when it's not working? So far I can't tell what might go wrong without more detailed symptoms. You said that it sometimes doesn't work properly, so does it actually work sometimes?

    To begin with, please check and make sure that the register settings are correct before building the EEPROM image. After writing the 64 EEPROM words, can you then power cycle the chip and read back the EEPROM image and compare? It'll be a good sanity check to understand whether it's EEPROM write problem or register setting problem.


  • In reply to Hao Z:

    Hello Hao,

    Thank you for your reply.

    The occurrence rate of issue not to be able to write EEPROM page value is less than 1%.

    After writing the 64 EEPROM words, read back the EEPROM image and conpare.
    The contents of the register are different between the case of normal operation and the case of occuring the issue.
    In case of occuring the issue, correct data are written if the same programing procedure is repeated several times.

    Please consider the following proposal and question.

    ・Could you tell us your e-mail address to send the contents of the register.

    ・The EEPROM word write access time is typically 8 ms , but what is the maximum?

    Best regards,