CDCE62002 GUI - NEW - Beta version

update 9/21/2011: The initial bugs now seem to be taken care of - this latest beta works super-smooth on my Win-7 machine.

update 9/12/2011: You can find the beta version of the CDCE62002 GUI under the below two links. Please note that this GUI version is a test trial, and may still have errors. However, the loop filter in particular was improved, so maybe this version is helpful to you. Please let us know if you find any bugs! Much thanks! Fritz

64-bit operating system (Win-7 and XP):

32-bit operating system (Win-7 and XP):

use either the x86 or x64 version depending on your processor/operating system (check under MyComputer/properties).

And the instructions would be the same as the previous versions:


1.      If the user doesn’t know what OS is working on then he must right click over “My Computer” and go to properties.

2.      Then when it says what version of windows is in  the system if it says x64 or 64-bit version then the right Installer will be the x64.

3.      When it is a x86 of 32-bit OS the version of windows will not specify anything.


Revision history:


8/12/2011: beta version uploaded