Minimum Required VCO Frequency (LCM Calculator) & Reduced N R Calculator Combo

The LCM Calculator calculator allows users to enter multiple desired output frequencies and determine the smallest possible VCO frequency which can be used to achieve all output frequencies with integer dividers.  It also allows for simple identification of frequency combinations which produce the large VCO frequencies.

Also included in the tool is the ability to calculate the minimal R & N values to permit a PLL to lock a specified VCO frequency to a specified reference frequency.  For a given VCO and reference frequency it also shows the phase detector frequency, higher phase detector frequency enable lower PLL noise in system.  Also, by displaying the individual numerical factors of the VCO and reference frequencies, it is possible to manually optimize reference (or VCO) frequency to maximize phase detector.  See part 3 of instructions for detailed example.

To install simply unzip to a directory and run Freq_LCM_Calc.exe.