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ADS1232: Settling time of Digital Filter

Part Number: ADS1232


Let me ask you a question about settling time as below.

There describes about Digital Filter settling time on the datasheet page3.

The specification is "4 conversions".

Does this mean that the data from the 5th is true data or the 4th is true data? 

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  • Hi Suzuki-san,

    It takes 4 complete conversion cycles at a settled (or steady) input before the digital filter is fully settled.  If the input changes at exactly the same time as the conversion period starts, then the data after the completion of the 4th conversion will have settled data.

    In the above picture note that the input changes significantly in between two conversion periods and not at the start of the first conversion period.  So the point marked first conversion is really the point where you would begin the 1st of the 4 conversion periods in the filter response.  The point marked 5th conversion is the point where 4 complete conversions have taken place after the input has settled.  So you find the data fully settled and valid after the fourth completed conversion after the input has settled.

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  • In reply to Bob Benjamin:

    Thank you very much.
    I should have read/understood the datasheet.
    I appreciate your kind support though my question is too basic.
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