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ADS1220: ADS1220 install issue

Part Number: ADS1220

HI Sir

I install the ADS1220 EVB ,follow up the user guide describer as below

I install the ADC pro HW/SW & ADS1220EVM Software,Boot the ADS1220, But I found the User interface is different with data sheet

in other word, I can't adjust any register by ADC pro software,please advise it.thanks

left figure is user guide shows,right figure is ADC PRO capture figure.thanks


  • Hi Alex,

    Unfortunately I cannot see your figures, so can you try posting them again? The ADS1220 ADCPro plugin does not show the register settings, but rather configures the device based on selection of various options. Communication takes place using a virtual COM port between the ADS1220EVM and ADCPro.

    Does the plugin respond by connecting to the ADS1220EVM?

    Best regards,
    Bob B
  • In reply to Bob Benjamin:

    HI Bob

    I already Install the ADC PRO & ADS1220 Driver

    but, still show below figure when the EVB plug in,

    please advise it ,thanks

  • In reply to Alex Chen9:

    Hi Alex,

    Can you tell me which version of Windows you are using?  ADCPro has only been thoroughly tested on Win7, although I have gotten the ADS1220EVM to work on Win10.  If your operating system is Win10, then you will need to install a version of the driver that works with Win10.  The latest driver can be found at:


    If you have installed the ADS1220 plugin more than once, you may have uninstalled the virtual COM port driver.  If you have properly installed the COM port driver, you should see in the Device Manager that a new COM port was added to Ports (COM & LPT) when the EVM was plugged into the USB.  If you see a proper virtual COM port, then ADCPro is not finding the EVM.  This is often due to the EVM being different than the ADS1220.  Check and make sure that the EVM is not the ADS1120EVM.  The ADS1120EVM requires the ADS1120 plugin.

    Best regards,

    Bob B

  • In reply to Bob Benjamin:

    Hi Bob B

    I use another PC which operation system is Win7, I install the ADCPro &ADS1220 Together, and check the evb is ADS1220EVM,

    where to download the Virtual COM port driver?

    when I replugged the evb, I can see the any pop message in the Device Manager,please advise

    Below figure is the capture by win 7, it's difficult to use it..........

  • In reply to Alex Chen9:

    Hi Alex,

    On Win7, the driver should install as a part of the ADS1220EVM plugin installation.  There could be several reasons why there may be an issue with not finding the ADS1220EVM.  The most common issue we have seen in the past is the EVM is not an ADS1220EVM, but rather an ADS1120EVM.  Make sure that the actual IC device is marked ADS1220

    Second possibility is the ADCPro plugin is started before the EVM is plugged into the PC.  Make sure that the EVM is plugged into the PC before the ADCPro plugin is started.  If you are using an extender cable from the PC to the EVM this may be an issue as the cable may be preventing the EVM from enumerating on the USB bus correctly.  Try plugging in the EVM directly to the PC USB port if you are currently using a cable.

    Third possibility is the ADS1220EVM is not being correctly powered.  Make sure you see 2 green power LEDs lit, and that the jumpers are in the correct positions as detailed in the EVM user's guide.

    The best place to try to determine why you might be having a problem is to check the connection from the Device Manager in windows.  You can find the Device Manager in the Control Panel on Win7.  As I stated in my previous post, you should see a virtual COM port device added to the list of COM port devices. 

    What the ADCPro ADS1220 plugin does when it is first started is to make a list of all available COM ports.  From the list of ports, the plugin will attempt to connect to the ports one at a time and look for a return message of ADS1220.  If the auto discovery works, then the plugin will use that port and continue.  If it does not get the proper return message it will try the next available port.  When you see the message that you have displayed with the pop-up that appears to manually connect to a port, this means that the plugin was not able to auto connect.  So the best place to start is to check to see if the EVM was able to connect to the PC.  This will help tell us where to troubleshoot next.

    Best regards,

    Bob B