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DAC38RF82: DAC38RF82 JESD Link Configuration Error and Lane2 FIFO error

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Part Number: DAC38RF82


             we are testing DAC38RF82 now, we face some problems and need your help;

Firstly,Project Requirements:

1.FDac(DACCLK)=7200M,External Diff Clk;

2.Single DAC(DAC A)

3. 1 IQ pairs

4. 8 serdes lanes


6.output IF analog signal=1.7GHz



9.FPGA  GTH refclk=150MHz


Secondly,Our DAC38RF82 register configuration :

 address                            data

  0x00                              0x7860

  0x01                              0x1880

 0x40A                             0x7003



 0x423                             0x03F3

 0x424                             0x1000

 0x431                             0x0200

 0x43B                            0x1002

 0x43C                            0x0029

 0x43E                            0x0929

 0x10A                            0x83B0

 0x10C                           0x2422

 0x10D                           0x8300

 0x10F                           0x1F83

 0x11C                           0x0000

 0x11E                           0x71C7

 0x11F                           0xC71C

 0x120                           0x3C71

 0x124                           0x0020

 0x125                           0x6300

 0x127                           0x2124

 0x128                           0x0100

 0x130                           0x0000

 0x132                           0x0800

 0x146                           0x0044

 0x147                           0x190A

 0x148                           0x31C3

 0x14A                           0xFF03

 0x14B                          0x1300

 0x14C                          0x1307

 0x14D                          0x0101

 0x14E                          0x0F4F

 0x14F                          0x1CC1

 0x150                          0x0000

 0x151                          0x00FF

 0x152                          0x00FF

 0x15C                         0x0003

 0x15F                         0x3210

 0x160                         0x5764

The Problems:

1. We read register  0x64 to 0x6D ,the result as below(DACLANE0_Error ~ DACLANE7_Error)

 DACLANE0_Error ~ DACLANE7_Error=0x2000

 DACLANE2_Error =0x2008

2.The JESD204B Link chain between DAC and FPGA is  always attemping to establish

  • In reply to jim s:


         I want to add something

        If I set JESD_SYNC_REQ register 0x151=0x00DF,Bypass link configuration error;The JESD204B Link chain between DAC and FPGA is also established,we also can get an valid output data;

    Best Regards

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    In reply to Wong:


    In this case, what is the setting of 0x14F bit 5? If this is set to 1, then the link errors are ignored by register 0x151 bit 5. In either case, you can bypass or ignore link configuration errors using either one of the two registers.



  • In reply to jim s:


            Either "bit5=1" of 0x14F or ''bit 5=0" of 0x151,The JESD204B Link chain between DAC and FPGA is  always  established;DAC has data output;


     Jim,I'm going to block this out temporarily;Thank you for your help during these days;

    Best Regards,