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ADS131E04: Diffirenences between E , A and M

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Part Number: ADS131E04


I want use ADS131 in my project;  i found there is 3 versions E , A and M ; What are the main diffirences ? 

I read the datahseet but really i get puzzled ; 

I need an PGA at the analog inputs, could you suggest to me which version suitable for my application 

Thank you in advanced 

  • Hector,

    The E, A, and M are all different ADCs. They all have completely different interfaces, features, and specifications. We had used ADS131 as an indication that the primary focus of this device is for energy metering. However, as an ADC, it can be used in a variety of different applications.

    Of these devices, the ADS131A04 does not have a PGA. However, it does have the highest dynamic range (118dB measured as the full-scale range compared to the noise floor of the device). The ADS131M04 has the lowest dynamic range (102dB). The ADS131A04 also has the best THD performance (-103.5dB), while the ADS131E08 has the lowest (-93dB). They can be configured to have different data rates (A04 128kSPS max, E04 64kSPS max, M04 32kSPS)

    Selecting a device will depend on your application, and what specifications are important to you. If you need a PGA, then that probably removes the ADS131A04 from consideration. What other specifications are important? What is the input range of your signal?

    Joseph Wu

  • In reply to Joseph Wu:

    Thank you for nice explanation 

    I  will use for ECG  maximum +/- 10mV .  single lead ECG analog that is buffered by gain 1 with ina826  to ads131

    I understand that I should go with E version 

    if you have any comments or suggestion I would be thankful 

  • In reply to Hector:


    If you have an ECG application I would also consider the ADS1292. Also, there is some additional information about this particular application in these posts:

    Joseph Wu

  • In reply to Joseph Wu:

    Thank you for support 

    Right now we use  ads1291 for our products , in fact i am happy with it ; but we find that  about 1% of  the prodcuts is fail in noisy inviroment like . 

    since in my application we dont use RLD ; and we feed it back to the inputs but i think still not enough to reject the CMRR ;  or  we are doing something wrong . 

    So i am try  to develop a new ECG one lead using OPA2188 and INA828 to ADS131E04 ;  to get a higher CMRR 

    Also I would like to listen your suggestions if we can improve our ADS1291 to get a better result ; because with the new solution would add double extra cost 

    About ADS1292 i would like to use it too because of the  impedance measuement;  some thing i did not understand in the datasheet :  it measure the voltage (reactified voltage Righ?) on the input resitor . Right? 

    Thank you in advanced