AFE4900EVM: ECG signal

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Part Number: AFE4900EVM

Hi ,

Can you please explain how to measure ECG through AFE4900 EVM? I try to measure ECG  but without success, I did the steps according to the guide book  as bellow :

5. Test Setup for ECG:(page 8)

• Make sure jumpers J17, J8, and J13 are populated.

• An ECG simulator can be interfaced through the DB9 connecter (that is, J20) with jumpers J19 and J18 being connected. If needed, RLD can be fed to the simulator using J15 after removing J17.

• To connect external electrode, remove the shunt jumpers on J19 and J18. Connect the two electrodes directly to J19 (pin #2) and J18 (pin #2). The RLD electrode, remove J17 and install J15.

and to  j19 pin2 and j20 pin2 I connected to SIN function generated by waveform generator in 25 HZ frequency and 1 mV  amplitude  so I have to get this SIN in the EVM as ESG signal , but But I don't get it.

Please let me know appropriate parameters settings and the proper manner for observing ECG waveform via AFE4900 VM.
I appreciate your help in advance.
Best Regards

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  • Hello Mohamed,

    We would like to take this discussion offline since the device AFE4900 is under selective disclosure.
    Can you send your questions to along with a reference to this E2E post?



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