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DAC38RF83: Phase continuous waveform generation

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Part Number: DAC38RF83

Hi Team,

My Customer is planning to generate phase continuous waveform using DAC38RF83 when switching from one frequency to another and he need to synchronize NCO accumulator either using SYSREF or SPI. From datasheet page 66, It says: “Synchronization of the NCOs occurs by resetting the NCO accumulators to zero.”

Based on the above statement, to change frequency when he sends Sync signal [Either SYSREF or SPI] it will reset NCO accumulator to zero. So how phase continuous waveform will be generated? When phase accumulator resets to zero it will begin incrementing from zero instead of the previously saved accumulator value?

Looking forward to your inputs.



  • Hi Renan,

    SYNC both the NCOs and mixer during initialization either with SYSREF or SPI.

    Afterwards, if you want to change the frequency whiles maintaining the phase, load the desired NCO frequency word and SYNC only the mixer.