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ADC12DJ3200EVM: What is the frequency response of the ADC with the EVM?

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Part Number: ADC12DJ3200EVM


On page 1 of the datasheet for ADC12DJ3200 (SLVSD97) there is a plot of the scalar frequency response of the ADC titled "ADC12DJ3200 Measured Input Bandwidth". Does this plot include the response of the EVM or is it just the ADC12DJ3200 IC by itself? Are there measurements of the frequency response of the ADC with the EVM?



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    We are looking into this.



  • Hi Alex,

    The plot in the datasheet is the frequency response of the ADC. 

    Please follow the link to the reference design 

    The Figure 14 in the document from link above Direct RF-Sampling Radar Receiver for L-, S-, C- and X-Band using ADC12DJ3200 Reference Design has frequency response of the ADC with the EVM.



  • In reply to Neeraj Gill:

    Yes, Figure 14 is the plot I was looking for. It seems the EVM introduces a significant amount of ripple to the frequency response. This could have major implications on our project. Could you please tell me about the cause of this ripple, or how we might go about removing the ripple to utilize the smooth response that the ADC has by itself? I am wondering if there are any modifications we could make to our EVM, or if there are any other board designs that do not introduce this ripple.

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