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ADS1278: Code example to operate the ADS1278

Part Number: ADS1278

I am looking for example code on how to operate the 24-bit ADC (ADS1278, 1274). Specifically, I'm trying to see how to establish spi comms. I've read in the data sheet that the SYNC pin acts as a chip select, but I want to see an example to be sure.

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Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Michael,

    Thanks for your post.

    I can send the firmware source to the email address in your profile, if you don't mind.

    Where in the data sheet did you see this description of the SYNC pin? I don't believe that is an intended functionality. SYNC is used to restart the ADC conversions to allow for synchronization with other ADS127x devices or another external interrupt.

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    Ryan Andrews

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  • In reply to Ryan Andrews:

    Yes, please do send.

    On pg 27 of datasheet, I read the interactions between SYNC and DRDY as SYNC had to be taken low then high in order to get valid data. A colleague agreed with that assessment, so I came  here to see if that was the intent.

    Thank you for your help.

  • In reply to Michael Green69:

    Hi Michael,

    I've sent the code over.

    The /SYNC pin is only needed to synchronize conversions to other ADS127x devices or to an external event. There is no chip-select pin on this device and the interface is always active. After power-up, the first /DRDY falling edge indicates that the internal reset has completed and there is valid data to read. New data will be output with each subsequent falling edge after that.

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    Ryan Andrews

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