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AMC1210: Flip of sign

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Part Number: AMC1210


We have the following system:

AMC1204 isolated Delta-Sigma Modulator generates data stream to AMC1210. CLKx is produced by the AMC1210. If we sweep through the whole range of the AMC1204 (-320mV...+320mV) the AMC1204 produces a datastream from permanent low over 50% low/high to permanent high. So far so good.
We now have the problem that some of the AMC1210 switches the sign of read-out value when we go close to the low limit of the AMC1204 (-320mV). In this case the AMC1204 produces a permanent low signal.

1. Is it safe to operate the AMC1204 input voltage between -320mV and -500mV (+320mV to +500mV respective)? Does the AMC1204 still produces a permanent low (permanent high respective) signal? (clipping still working)

2. Is there any problem known when the AMC1210 has a permanent low input signal?

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