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ADS54J60: Inconsistencies in datasheet, JESD mode,

Part Number: ADS54J60

Dear TI,

please clarify the following inconsistencies from datashet of ADS54J60 (revision January 2017):

1) Table 14 suggest for LMFS = 4211 operation the JESD mode to be set to 0x4. Table 17 suggest 0x2. Which is correct / what is the difference?

2) JESD digital page (0x6900) register 0x7 read back after initial resets shows 0x9. This is contradictory to Table 56 which implies 0x4 to be default value. Which bit should be set to select subclass 1? Bit 0 or bit 3? What about the MSB?

3) General registers 3 and 4 are marked R/W in table 20/21. Yet I never succeeded in reading them (0xc003 / 0xc004).

Thank you in advance
- Jiri