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Compiler/ADS1261EVM: ADS1261EVM eval board control utilizing serial port communication (C++ independent program)

Part Number: ADS1261EVM

Tool/software: TI C/C++ Compiler


I was wandering if someone could help me with some guidance for using the ADS1261EVM. I am not familiar with the communication interface (protocol) used on this eval board.  I know the ADS1261EVM comes with a control GUI that allows the operation of the board. However, the GUI provided does not allow me to have the flexibility I required to use the board since I am trying to do my own software (C++) to capture the ADC data for processing. 


I am trying to create my own C++ program that can directly communicate to the ADS1261EVM utilizing the USB  provided on the board with any time of communication.


How can I communicate with the ADS1261EVM when making my own C++ program/library?

Do I need particular drivers with some library to interact with the board when making my own C++ program? if so can you guys provide it?

I hope mu questions aren't to silly and that I explained the goal well enough. I have been doing some research on the board itself and I can't find much online. I went through the manual but nothing was specify there neither. At any rate, I hope to connect with something that might guide me to the right path



  • Hi Freddy,

    Welcome to the TI E2E Forums!

    You are talking about writing your own code to run on the PC side (i.e. in place of the EVM GUI), correct?

    It's probably possible but not something we will be able to provide you with much support on. Since the ADS1261 is a generic USB bulk device, you'll have to find a way to interface to it. Something like libusb would probably work.

    Once you have an working interface, you could reference the EVM command list in the ADS1261EVM User's Guide to see the available commands. All of these commands are just ASCII formatted strings. Reading data might be a bit tougher since return data is not ASCII encoded, but binary encoded.

    As far as drivers go, you could use the driver included with the Delta-Sigma EvaluaTIon software or otherwise use Zadig to associate the ADS1261EVM with the WinUSB driver.

    I hope that helps!

    Best regards,
    Chris Hall
    Applications Engineer | Precision ADCs

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