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ADS1282: ADS1282

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Part Number: ADS1282


I'm planning on using ADS1282 on an Eval board, in bipolar mode for Gain Cal, I plan to use +/-2.5V on  VREFP/N & +/- 2.5V on AVDD/AVSS. (Vref = VREFP – VREFN) which should be Vref = 2.5 - (-2.5) =5V with PGA =1, is that correct ?

In Bipolar mode with a 5V Vref (as above) for gain cal must supply input signal pins should be +1.25V to INP and - 1.25V to INN  that correct? +/-Vref/(2*1) = 2.5/2 = 1.25V

in Unipolar I plan to have 5V on VREFP & 0V on VREFN, is that ok?

Thanks, Chris.