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AFE4300: AFE4300-BCM

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Part Number: AFE4300

Hi there, 

I've developed a PCB based on EVM schematics to measure the impedance of tissue using AFE4300. I am using an STM32f103c8 microcontroller as the host. The microcontroller is providing the AFE4300 with 1MHz clock through PWM (50% DS) feature of its timers. I can set and read the registers on the AFE4300 as I want but when I try to read the ADC_DATA_RESULT register for the result of impedance measurement using IQ or FWR mode I always get 0!

Here is the code I am using:

********************** AFE4300 init ***************************

AFE4300_writeRegister(ADC_CONTROL_REGISTER1, 0X4140);

AFE4300_writeRegister(MISC_REGISTER1, 0x0000);

AFE4300_writeRegister(MISC_REGISTER2, 0xFFFF);

AFE4300_writeRegister(DEVICE_CONTROL1, 0X6005);

AFE4300_writeRegister(ISW_MUX, 0X0000);

AFE4300_writeRegister(VSENSE_MUX, 0X0000);

AFE4300_writeRegister(IQ_MODE_ENABLE, 0X0000);

AFE4300_writeRegister(WEIGHT_SCALE_CONTROL, 0X0000);

AFE4300_writeRegister(BCM_DAC_FREQ, 0X0000);

AFE4300_writeRegister(DEVICE_CONTROL2, 0X0000);

AFE4300_writeRegister(ADC_CONTROL_REGISTER2, 0X0000);

AFE4300_writeRegister(MISC_REGISTER3, 0x0030);

**************Set Data Acquisition Rate to 32***************

AFE4300_writeRegister(ADC_CONTROL_REGISTER1, 0x4120);

*********************Using FWR mode***********************

AFE4300_writeRegister(DEVICE_CONTROL2, 0x0060);



AFE4300_writeRegister(BCM_DAC_FREQ, 0x0000);


*********************Set channels***************************

AFE4300_writeRegister(VSENSE_MUX, 0X0000);




*********************After 50ms Delay**********************



And the result I get is 0.

Again with the IQ mode:

*********************Using IQ mode************************

AFE4300_writeRegister(ADC_CONTROL_REGISTER2, 0x0060);



AFE4300_writeRegister(DEVICE_CONTROL2, 0x0000);



AFE4300_writeRegister(DEVICE_CONTROL2, 0x1800);

**************Set Data Acquisition Rate to 32***************

AFE4300_writeRegister(ADC_CONTROL_REGISTER1, 0x4120);

*********************Set channels***************************

AFE4300_writeRegister(VSENSE_MUX, 0X0000);




***********************Read I********************************


********************After 10ms Delay***********************

I = AFE4300_readRegister(ADC_DATA_RESULT);

***********************Read Q********************************


********************After 10ms Delay***********************

Q = AFE4300_readRegister(ADC_DATA_RESULT);


And again the result is 0!

This is how I connect the board to a test impedance (a parallel RC):

I connect IOUT0 and VSENSE0 with a simple wire to one of the RC ends and IOUT1 and VSENSE1 to the other end. I understand that there is a circuit to help the electrodes read a more accurate impedance on Fig 12 of the datasheet but I figured that it must not result in reading 0 and it is not a must to connect the probes to this circuit first so for the sake of simplicity I bypassed it. I also tried the direct path from the RC circuit to the chip as well as the path that goes through the Op-Amps but the result didn't change (Jumper on P4 or P6). I also tried the same code this time with the calibration resistors on RN0 and RP0 with the following addresses:



But I couldn't get any result other than 0. I also changed the path to chip from direct to amplified (Jumper on P8 or P9) but it didn't show any result. I attached the board I designed in the following. I know that the design might not be optimal but I don't think that this might cause the problem I am facing. I am clueless right now and I don't know what to test and what to do so any clue you can provide might help.

Thank you for your time, 


  • Hello ,

         Before going with a custom board, I would suggest you to start with AFE4300 EVM, Using the EVM software you can configure the AFE4300 registers.

    Once you find the right settings that suit your need, you can export the register setting from the EVM software. This exported setting can be used later for your custom board.


    Midhun Raveendran

  • In reply to Midhun Raveendran76:

    Hi again, 

    Of course, that's a way to go around it. The problem is that there are some time and budget limits on the project and we might not be able to meet our deadlines if we order an EVM and restart our work. So, if there is a way you could help me with the board that we have that would be awesome.

    Thanks again.

  • In reply to Arash Iranfar:

    Hello ,

      You can download the EVM software. It can run in simulation mode (HARDWARE NOT REQUIRED). Configure each block the way you want and then you can export the register settings.


    Midhun Raveendran