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DAC38RF85: power consumption as single tone DDS?

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Part Number: DAC38RF85

On July 19 you supplied an XLSX spreadsheet with power consumption data as I'd requested. It is very useful.

Looking at it carefully now, it is missing the current and power on several of the power supply inputs.

They are VDDIO18, VDDAVCO18, VDDS18, and VDDTX1. It is possible that these currents were grouped with other power pins.

Or, they are low or no current and simply left off the spreadsheet. Can this please be clarified? Thank you.

There was a VDDVCO current shown as 0 mA. Is this the sane as the VDDAVCO18 power supply input?

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    We are looking into this.



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     For the measurements, the following was done:


    VDDTx1 and VDDPLL are tied together.

    VDDS, VDDIO18, and VDDR are tied together.

    VDDAVCO and VDDVCO are the same and 0 mA because internal PLL is off.





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    Thank you, and regards.

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