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DAC38RF80: dirving DAC38RF80 DACCLK +/- with LMX2582 output

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Part Number: DAC38RF80


Can I use LMX2582 output as a reference clock input for DAC38RF80 DACCLK pins?



  • Lalit:

    I suppose you could, but it may be complicating the clocking unnecessarily. The RF DAC uses a low frequency reference so the LMX may be considered overkill.  The better phase noise of the reference that the LMX may provide will have minimal impact on the overall phase noise which is dominated by internal PLL/VCO.  Further, you will have a sysref signal that needs to be aligned with the reference if multi-device synchronization or deterministic latency are required.  A device like the LMK04028 can provide a synchronized reference and sysref.  If you are using a different reference source, you will still need a sysref, and you would need to ensure it is properly synchronized with the reference.