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ADS1298: ADS1298 ADC register value not changing, fixed at 0x7FFFFF

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Part Number: ADS1298


I have developed my own custom ADS1298 PCB board (for measuring EMG), this PCB is connected to my Arduino DUE. Using my Arduino code (see below), I can read and program the registers of the ADS1298, I read the ID register is 0x92 and can change the sampling frequency to 1kHz and can turn channels ON and OFF (i have enabled channel 3,5 and 7, other channels are turned OFF). Thus this confirms that the chips is working and the power-up sequence is correct. I even tested this code with the ADS1298FE_ECG kit and it worked fine, so the code is correct.

The problem that I have is that I the ADC register values on my custom PCB are fixed at 0x7FFFFF when I read the data on a DRDY interrupt and the channel data doesn't change its value. Does anybody know why this happens?



Link to Arduino Due code to read data (ID and register values):


Link to my Schematics: