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LM98620: lm98620 data output format

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Part Number: LM98620


    In my design used LM98620 + DS90CR218A to get parallel RGB data from adc.

    Schematic is followed same as reference design available at LM98620 datasheet (Page no: 59) [R0-R9, G0-G9,B0-B9 --- output pin in ds90cr218a same as reference circuit)

    For Adc output session testing, Now I used to generate Fixed Test pattern available at adc

Kindly suggest

(1)what "BIT Format" to be selected through registers for Page 59 circuit ?

(2)what "Interface Configuration" to be selected through registers for Page 59 circuit ?

(3)Any other suggestion ??

Bcz RGB data value is getting (Waveform) offset???

  • Hello Sheree,

    Thank you for the post. I have forwarded it to the engineer responsible for supporting this product. Please expect a response by 11/19/2010.

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  • Hi Sheree,

    Interface configuration is 6 pair since you have two deserializers ( DS90CR218A).

    Use bit format 1, if you need a different one due data processing you can change it.

    The offset doesn't affect the test patterns.