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Part Number: DAC8822


I am looking at the user example circuit that comes with TINA-TI for the DAC8822 and I was wondering: If I run a Fourier Analysis/Fourier Series of that circuit in TINA-TI it calculates a THD value. If I change the opamp in that circuit to another one the THD value changes of course. But does the simulation include the THD contribution of the DAC8822? So does it somehow predict the THD I can expect from the real thing (ok with some tolerances of course) or does the DAC8822 model inside TINA-TI not support THD analysis? How can I find out how a model does support it?

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  • Raphael,

    The DAC8822 model, and the device itself, are more intended for DC simulations and applications - some AC parameters are modeled like noise, settling time, and slew-rate but other factors which will impact THD like code-to-code glitch are not modeled.

    Kevin Duke
    DAC Applications Manager