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THS5671A: Related to DAC buffering

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Part Number: THS5671A


I am using THS5671 DAC in one of my projects.

Ii has current unbuffered output.I am converting it to a voltage by providing suitable termination 50/100 ohm. now i want any differential to single convertor using OPAMP.

Please suggest a suitable differential to the single-ended converter(Using OPamp) to generate a signal up to 10MHz & Vpp=2V(Tring to make to source generator).

I also want to use both Iout1 & Iout2 of DAC as a P & N respectively.

  • Hello Shivakant,

    The first thing that would come to mind is a difference amplifier circuit configuration.  This link will provide you an example circuit and a quick design process.

    Now we need to pick an op amp.

    What type of gain are you expecting to implement across the difference amplifier and what type of power supply will be provided?  Are you expecting to see the full 2Vpp at 10MHz?

    We need to pick a part that has enough bandwidth while taking into account both the gain of the circuit and the full-power bandwidth of the part (voltage output capabilities across frequency).

    Lastly, do you have an overall voltage accuracy in mind?  This will help us to determine how much voltage offset is acceptable, but it may be less important in your case.



  • In reply to Daniel Miller56:

    Hello Shivakant,

    I have not heard back from you in a while.  Please let me know if you need any further assistance, else I will consider your issue to have been resolved.