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DAC8551: Datasheet Figure 32 source and sink capability - Value missmatch?

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Part Number: DAC8551

Dear TI support team,

Comparing Figure 32 the curve zero voltage sink capability of the DAC8551 datasheet with DACs having a compareable output stage (see DAC80501 for example) , the valures presented in DAC8551 are factor 1000 or more better. Additionally if you have a close look on the curve for max. output voltage (2.7V - 10mV ) and you look on the y-axis, you have 2,7mV (instead of something in the range of 2.7V). Is there a typo? From my understanding "V" instead of "mV" as y-axis would give a more realistic picture.

Can you please support here?

Best regards,

PS: Same sitaution on DAC8551-Q1 for example

  • Bastian,

    I agree. Being that the notation in Figure 32 for the DAC8551 indicates "DAC Loaded with FFFFh" at just above 2.5 on the Y-axis this must be in volts.

    I will see about getting the datasheet owner to update the document.

    Kevin Duke
    DAC Applications Manager

  • Hi Bastian,

    You are correct.  The y-axis is has a typo.  The units should be volts.  Given those units, the plot is much more reasonable.

    Thanks for pointing this out!


  • In reply to Paul_Frost:

    Hi Kevin, hi Paul,

    thanks for your reply! Only to get closer to the full picture: I found this typo as well for the Figure 7. (Supply with 5V) and as i said, DAC8551-Q seems to have the same typo. So it may be the case, that this typo has a systematic reason.

    Best regards,