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AFE4300: Delays needed after setting some registers

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Part Number: AFE4300


I noticed that delays are needed after setting some registers for the right values to be read off the ADC. The most problematic one is the delay needed after setting registers 0x0A and 0x0B for BCM reading. Also, another delay is needed after setting register 0x10 to switch between I and Q readings. The delays right now are 500 ms.

Without the delay after setting 0x0A and 0x0B registers the value read is lower than the right value, and without the delay after switching between I and Q (register 0x10) the value read experiences significant fluctuations - upto 150 ADC ticks.

 What is causing the need for these delays and is there a way to get rid of them? These delays are significantly decreasing our sampling rate and increasing our power consumption.