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WEBENCH® Tools/ADS1232: ads1232

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Part Number: ADS1232

Tool/software: WEBENCH® Design Tools

Hello people ,

      I  need to know. what is the internal oscillator frequency of ADS1232 

  • Hi Gobinath,

    Is there a specific reason why you need to know the oscillator frequency for the ADS1232?  This is not something you can probe or measure directly.  The internal oscillator frequency relates to the modulator frequency of 76.8 kHz, which is the actual input sampling frequency.  The 76.8 kHz modulator rate equates to an externally applied clock frequency of 4.9152 MHz.  All numbers, timing and graphs are based on the 4.9152 MHz frequency.

    The internal oscillator can vary as much as +/- 3%.  The only way to measure this variation is to monitor the output data rate on DRDY/DOUT.  Nominal data rates are 10 sps and 80 sps.  And as the output data rates are directly proportional to the oscillator timing, you can determine the timing differences proportionally.

    Best regards,

    Bob B