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ADS112U04: Byte /bit order

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Part Number: ADS112U04

According to datasheet Section 8.5.3 Commands data are always transmitted byte-wise LSB first on the ADS112U04. So for ex to send SYNC(0x55) word, do I need to send (0101 0101) or (1010 1010) from micro controller?

  • Hi Heli,

    I would suggest you take a look at Figure 58 on page 34 of the ADS112U04 datasheet.  This is what the transmitted data should look like when transmitted and received by the ADS112U04.  For every micro UART peripheral I have seen, the value written to the transmit buffer will be transmitted LSB first.  So if you write 0x55 to the transmit buffer it will be transmitted by the UART peripheral as LSB first as shown in the figure.

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    Bob B

  • In reply to Bob Benjamin:

    Thanks Bob. I was getting inverted data on oscilloscope and then I have figured out that configuration on that was wrong(Polarity normal - high is 0), otherwise whatever data we send from micro should be same as mentioned in datasheet (for ex 0x55 to send sync). Now I'm getting response from IC.