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ADS7142: Select an ADC with data buffer with a sample rate between 5khz and 10khz

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I found that ADC ADS7142 almost meet my specifications howerver I can't define the sample rate for my purpose since it only operate between <=300h and >=50khz. I would like to use the autonomous mode so after a treshold it can save 16 samples at 5khz (between 5 and 10khz is ok)

There is any other part that does it?

Thank you

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    Unfortunately, this device does not support sampling rates between 185hz to 35khz, thus the sampling rates you are looking for cannot be achieved.  

    As for other devices that can support this, there is the ADS7128 and the ADS7138, with have programable thresholds and autonomous mode, but they do not have the FIFO to store conversion results after a trigger is crossed.