ADS1158: Lower than expected samples per second

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Part Number: ADS1158

I've got a few ADS1158s on a custom board, and they're mostly working. Due to a pin-mapping error, the only way I can read data from them utilizing the channel read data command in Auto-scan mode. 

I've configured the ADC to be as fast as possible, by setting DLY = 000 and DRATE to 11. According the datasheets table, this configuration should give me 23,739 samples / sec.

 I thought that the limiting factor of the data read/transfer rate would just be the speed of the SPI bus. However, the MCU is requesting about 12,500 samples per second and 75% (about 8,400) of the returned data are not marked as "new" data (bit #7 of the first returned byte). So it seems the ADC is reading in data much slower than expected.

I'm initializing the ADS1158 to sample as fast as possible, and am reading in all configuration registers to double-check that they're properly configured. I've also measured the external oscillator frequency to verify that they're outputting the proper frequency of 32Khz - which they are.  

I've poured over the datasheet, trying to figure out if I'm missing something but I haven't been able to find anything. What could be the problem here? Is there something I'm missing?

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  • Hi John,

    I assume you are using all 16 single-ended inputs on each ADS1158?

    As stated in the datasheet, the 23kSPS/ch comment is when using 1x channel. As you can see from the image below, when using multiple channels, this number must be scaled by that factor.

    So, if you are using all 16 channels, then the effective data rate per channel is 23kSPS / 16 ch = 1.43 kSPS/ch. So this is approximately the data rate at which you would expect DRDY to pulse for new data.

    Let me know if that is clear.


  • In reply to Bryan Lizon86:

    Sorry I wasn't clear, I'm sampling all 16 channels at once which should give me a rate of 23739/16 = 1.43kSPS/ch.

    But I'm only getting ~213SPS/ch. So the ADC seems to be sampling about 6 times slower than expected.

  • In reply to John Compas:

    Hi John,

    Can you post your register settings and a scope capture of the digital lines? That might help diagnose the issue.

    And you are using a 32 kHz crystal oscillator, not an external clock, correct?


  • In reply to Bryan Lizon86:

    Hi Bryan,

    Thanks for the help! I'm using an external oscillator. I've measured their start-up times and wait until they've properly stabilized until I initialize the ADCs. The register settings are as follows:

    I read out each of these after they're configured to double check that they're properly configured.

    So far, I haven't been able to find any issues on the SPI bus:

    SPI transmission with new data:

    However, most command bytes are answered with the data new bit being zero:

    Do you have any ideas for further debugging?

  • In reply to John Compas:

    HI John,

    The scope shots didn't seem to come through in your last post.

    You have CONFIG1 = 0 111 00 11. Bits [6:4] = 111, which sets the delay to 384 us. This setting changes the effective data rate to 2,347 SPS. This is shown in Table 14 on page 18 of the ADS1158 datasheet.

    This 2,437 SPS value is for 1x channel, so if you are scanning through 16 channels, then your effective data rate is 143 SPS/Ch. Your notes indicate that DLY should be 000b, and DRATE should equal 00b, which is not reflected in the actual register definition. But if you are using CONFIG1 = 01110011b, I can imagine you would get data out much slower than you are expecting.


  • In reply to Bryan Lizon86:

    Hi Bryan,

    Sorry that shot was from an older version of my firmware, the correct values are:

    These are the configurations I'm using when I'm getting 4.1KSPS total, when I should be getting ~23.7KSPS. 

    I re-attached the scope shots: