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TLV320AIC3104: I2C Issue when powering up ADC

Part Number: TLV320AIC3104


I have problem with TLV320AIC3104 while trying power up left or right ADC channel. After i write 0x04 to register 19 or 22 i can communicate with i2c like 5ms and then chip stops pulling ACK down. After that only hardware reset gets chip back alive. AIC3104 is connected with host MCU via i2c and i2s. Any idea what can cause this?

DRVDD, IOVDD, AVDD connected to 3.3V

DVDD connected to 1.8V



  • Order is like said in programming made easy document (routing and powering up adc before unmute pga). www.ti.com/.../slaa403.pdf
    btw. Should that reset line "W 30 01 08" in documents example code be "W 30 01 80" according to datasheet register 1 where is said that bit D7 is software reset bit or am i getting something wrong?
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    Hi, Juho,

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    Regarding the reset line, I agree. It should be W 30 01 80 in order to make a software reset.

    Then, regarding your I2C issue, do you see any wrong behavior on the I2C lines when the ADC is powered up? Any change on the power supplies pins? Which resistors values are you using on the I2C lines? (More information of the I2C lines resistors can be found in this link: www.ti.com/.../slva689.pdf ). Do you get a wrong behavior only when the ADC is powered up? Any other register that causes this behavior?

    Thank you.

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    Hi Luis,

    Thank you for response.

    I2C lines was fine, chip just didn't pull ACK down. Analog ground level rised 0.4V after powering ADC up. We tied digital and analog grounds together and now chip works.

    Thank you for help