PCM5142: Treble , Bass function for PCM5142 mini-DSP

Part Number: PCM5142

Hello Sirs,

Is it OK for PCM5142 Mini-DSP implement this function  ?

1dB/step from range -12dB ~ +15dB

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Put a BASS+Treble from a Biquad filter result . I set BASS(200Hz)  +15 dB  and Treble (2000 Hz) +15 dB .

But the frequency range between BASS and Treble will reduce 15 dB , why ?  

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  • Hi, Terry,

    The miniDSP of the PCM5142 features several blocks used for audio processing. Biquad blocks are available, so you should be able to generate the desired filters without any issues within the miniDSP. I would recommend you to take a look to this wiki article, there you can find information about how to start the miniDSP development using PurePath Studio software.

    Best Regards,

      -Diego Meléndez López
       Audio Applications Engineer

  • In reply to Diego Melendez:

    Hello Diego,

    Many thanks your reply ~

    Do you have example GDE file for Bass + Treble  implement from Biquad filter ?

    I still can't get frequency response what I want . TKS~

  • In reply to Terry Wu:

    Hi, Terry,

    Thanks for the feedback. It seems the treble shelf-filters that are configured with high gain are implemented internally by the GUI as bass-shelf filters which apply attenuation of the same amount. This is done to maintain enough headroom in the data path and avoid possible overflow caused by large input signals with a normal treble-shelf filters. In order to compensate this, a simple workaround would be to add volume controls where you can add back the dB's of attenuation.

    Best Regards,

      -Diego Meléndez López
       Audio Applications Engineer