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TLV320AIC3204EVM-K: Compatible with AIC PurePath Studio Graphical Development Environment (GDE)

Part Number: TLV320AIC3204EVM-K


I'm interested in testing out the functionality of the AIC PurePath Studio Graphical Development Environment (GDE). I think the TLV320AIC3263EVM-U (Active) is the best choice for my application, however I have access to a TLV320AIC3204EVM-K inexpensively and I'm wondering if it would work as a gateway to my learning and understanding this development tool.

Is the TLV320AIC3204EVM-K compatible with the AIC PurePath Studio Graphical Development Environment (GDE)?


  • Hi, Jay,

    PurePath Studio is compatible with the audio codecs with programmable miniDSP. The TLV320AIC3204 doesn't support programmable miniDSP. However, the TLV320AIC3254 is the enhanced version of the TLV320AIC3204 with programmable miniDSP. You may use the TLV320AIC3254EVM-K for your learning.

    Additionally, you may take a look at our wiki page. It contains some tips to use our PurePath Studio tool:


    Hope this helps you!

    Best regards,
    Luis Fernando Rodríguez S.
  • In reply to Luis Fernando Rodríguez S.:

    Hi Luis,

    I actually realized that the "3204" doesn't have a miniDSP after I posted here.

    What about the newer C67 DSP processors and Purepath?

    OMAP-L138 Development Kit (LCDK)
    TMS320C6748 DSP Development Kit (LCDK)

    Do either of them work with the pure path studio?
  • In reply to Jay Shoemaker:

    Related to this same question I have one additional question about the TLV320AIC3254 and TLV320AIC3254EVM-K. On the TLV320AIC3254EVM-K, there is a TAS1020B controller which is obsolete. The recommended part replacement is a DSP! So, then what's the benefit to using the TLV320AIC3254 chips versus upgrading to the OMAP-L138 or TMS320C6748 for example? It seems to me that one should go right to the C67 chips instead of toying with the miniDSP chips, if you recommend having a DSP chip control the MiniDSP anyhow?

    Can you help me understand this?

    I'm interested in testing purepath studio with an EVM so that I can work towards a project for Professional live Audio mixing. I'm designing a digital audio mixer.
  • In reply to Jay Shoemaker:

    Hi, Jay,

    The C67 DSP processors are not supported by PurePath Studio.

    Basically, PurePath Studio is divided in two versions: Portable and Home.

    The Portable version supports all the TLV320 family devices with programmable miniDSP. By other hand, the home edition supports the PCM family devices with programmable miniDSP.

    Regarding your question about the TAS1020B, you are right, this device is now obsolete. Basically, the TAS1020B is used as an USB-to-I2X interface in the EVM boards. This device is used in the EVMs to send/receive I2S audio signals and I2C commands from the PC. The OMAP-L138 and TMS320C6748 devices are complete DSPs which are used when an advanced processing is required.

    So, the TLV320AIC3254 and our audio codecs with programmable miniDSP are used when the advanced digital processing on the recorded/playback signal is not required. Algorithms such math operations, filtering, gains, mux, mix are supported by the miniDSP. If you require more advanced algorithms such echo cancellation, noise cancellation, beamforming, etc, you may use an audio codec without miniDSP and a complete DSP such the C67 chips.

    Best regards,
    Luis Fernando Rodríguez S.